As we all know the laws were created and are regularly developed to provide our community with a constant order as well as to protect the rights of every single person. Being the law-abiding citizens, we enjoy the benefits of the state laws. However, it can happen that even keeping within the law we can get in some troubles connected with law breaking. In this case we need to apply for help of a professional attorney, who knows exactly how to defend as well as to represent our rights in the court.

Here emerge two questions: why is it so important to get a skillful lawyer? And why couldn’t we protect our rights by ourselves? First of all, jurisprudence is not a simple staff: even if you are aware of your rights and have a concept of the major laws, it will be difficult to protect your rights in a beneficial for you way possessing no legal education. Being unprepared, you can lose the case, even if you are not guilty, while a person, who has really violated the law can avoid the punishment, just employing a qualified defendant. Frequently a court hearing turns into the battle field between two skillful attorneys, while the outcome of a case depends on the experience and skillfulness of a lawyer, who will be more convincing.

In spite of this, we shouldn’t forget that everyone has the right to represent him or herself in the court. There is no reason to neglect this right. So, we should use it to appear in the court for personal protection, since there are lots of cases, when we can save our money on rate for an attorney due to the simplicity and clarity of the matter. Still it is not recommended to risk, when you mistrust your own powers and are in a complicated position. Furthermore, you shouldn’t hesitate to employ an experienced attorney, while being aware of your guilty or some circumstances that can cause you a financial damage or even lead to imprisonment.

Here we would like to discuss the cases of frequent occurrence, when the accused person has an ambiguous status, i.e. he or she could be considered as guilty as unguilty. For instance, you can unconsciously violate the U.S. immigration laws, while being misinformed or unaware of some regulations. In such a case you will definitely need the help of a qualified lawyer, who will arrange the whole matter in the right way or will advise how to act in accordance with the legal directives.

The other circumstances that could bring you to jail are often connected with driving under the influence. Unfortunately many people still take frivolously the prohibition to drive a car with blood levels of alcohol in excess of a legal limit, which could cause a car incident and other dire consequences. Because of this the law is extremely severe to such kind of law breakers.

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