Vetting Process on Trump’s Immigration Ban.


President Donald Trump is a controversial figure who started rolling in many revolutionary approaches to politics. Among many politics lobbied by President Trump there are several that have started a real fuss. This particular posting will be dedicated to discuss the President Trump’s immigration ban and the way it is implemented. I cannot say that I agree with the idea and the way it is implemented, still I consider that there are more positive points than some might claim.

Imagini pentru Trump’s Immigration Ban

I am a former US military officer and a US diplomat. My opinion is founded upon my experience in the field of politics. Over the last several decades, Washington DC has been strongly present in the disastrous Middle East, and there is a likelihood that there is a tangency between this presence and the willingness of politicians to keep their careers in place. Here it is worth mentioning that my belief is that extremist political Islam that is currently met in many Muslim countries is a considerable threat to the security not only of the USA, but of the entire world. I would like to share my view on Trump’s immigration ban on travel to the United States with those who would tolerate hearing me out. Remembering my days of youth, I can say that the Muslim world I grew in is not like the one we currently see. Myself I grew up in Egypt, but today I can hardly recognize people whom I grew up with. The collapse of the colonial order after the II World War has opened a door for a possibility when tolerant governance would have taken hold in Arab and particularly Muslim world. At that time the Arab world’s view of Islamic governance as its savior became subdued and was actually in the decline and favored a more secular form of government. Unfortunately, the history shows that starting from 1950 this idea started dying giving place to a new, extremist Muslim society. The situation changed, border security issues started being a priority and today this violent snowball of events is smashing everything in its way.

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